Partners & Collaborations

The Blue Yonder
The Blue Yonder is an innovative travel company that powers responsible travel encounters aimed at creating better places for people to live and visit. Based out of Pondicherry India The Blue Yonder is our travel partner in India, but not only.

The Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts & Research is a site on the outskirts of Pondicherry, and a performing arts company engaged in creating performances, researching genres and disciplines and creating processes and performance methodologies.
We are happy and honored to partner with Adishakti as base for our Workshops in Pondicherry.

Scuola Citta Pestalozzi
A wonderful & very special public school in Florence where teaching empathy is part of the daily curriculum as much as math, Italian, history, theatre, gardening, interdisciplinary studies and brain gym. We are happy for the collaboration allowing us to introduce yoga to the classrooms.

Scuola dell’ Infanzia Serristori

Joy filled moments of Kids Yoga, as well as beautiful joint yoga classes with the elderly ladies from the Istituto Demidoff , in collaboration with a great team of teachers. Special thanks, love and memories go Maria. We miss you much!

Centro Anziani Istituto Demidoff

Public daycare center for the elderly in San Niccolo, Florence. Every yoga hour shared with this beautiful ladies, age from 72 to 87, is a present.
Visible results have been recorded mainly in flexibility, coordination, balance, sleep & reduction of anxiety.

Scuola Francese Victor Hugo
French International School In Florence.
Yoga classes as after school activity for groups ranging from age 3 to 10.