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Transformational Hatha Yoga

Transformational Hatha Yoga is a powerful system of yogic techniques that helps us center and balance our lives in a way that keeps us naturally happy, healthy and emotionally stable. A carefully selected set of asana postures is practised in order to stretch the physical body. This sequence of asanas opens and cleanses the seven chakras (life energy centres) which regulate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.While hatha yogic postures are practiced to strengthen the physical body, pranayama breathing techniques, meditation and mantras are also an essential part of this complete yogic system. These techniques work simultaneously in order to purify and energize the chakras and balance the subtle prana energies. As a result, the effects of Transformational Yoga practice are felt immediately and are carried over into your everyday life bringing equilibrium and serenity into the physical body, emotions, mind, and soul.
Transformational Yoga is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded and created by Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master.

For more information see www.srimatransformationalyoga.com

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200 hour Yoga Alliance International certificate
Transformational Yoga handbook and teacher training manual

Yoga Teacher Traing Certification

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