Workshop in trauma aware Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is based on the clinical premise that the experience of trauma affects the entire human organism – body, mind, & spirit – and that the whole organism must be engaged in the healing process.
Our trainings, as well as the 3 days intensive workshops, are designed to deepen your understanding and learn how to integrate yoga as part of traditional therapies addressing trauma.
Among others, the training is aimed at clinicians who want to incorporate a little yoga into their clinical practice, social workers as well yoga teachers who want to teach trauma sensitive yoga classes.
Trauma Sensitive Yoga has its foundation in both Trauma Theory and Hatha Yoga practice.

During the training / workshop you will learn about:
  • The latest trauma theories and neurophysiology
  • The tools you need to make your yoga teaching more trauma-informed
  • Chair and mat postures for a wide range of physical abilities
  • The experience of attending a trauma aware yoga class
  • Identify and work with trauma reactions that may arise
  • Discover how to integrate yoga as addition to traditional therapy

We also aim at creating a growing network of individuals and organizations interested in progressing and promoting the benefits of trauma sensitive yoga.

All our Classes, Trainings & Workshops run in support to the not for profit initiatives of

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Workshop in Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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